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Blinkie Store

Blinkies Made With Love
Posting Access:
All Members
blinkie_store is the brainchild of alleigh. All members have posting access. Members can requests from Maker galleries or at times our Makers will offer "freebies". Please be sure to read the rules of each gallery and/or post to avoid having your request deleted. Please be sure to friend & JOIN both blinkie_store & blinkie_info in order to be able to fully participate in the community.


If you'd like to become a maker, please feel free to apply. Give us at least a week for an answer as we all have busy lives. Each application is voted on by all of the Makers.
If you change your username, please let us know in the link below.
maker application | username change | galleries | profile
css | graphics | tubes

1) New week starts every Sunday. Closed every Friday & Saturday for makers to catch up.
2) You are allowed 2 requests per week. All must be from different makers. Maker galleries are located in blinkie_store. Please do not request if you know you will be offline for a week or more.
4) Please do not ask makers to email you pick ups. You may have a friend pick up for you if you have some reason you are offline unexpectedly.
5) Harrassing members or makers will cause you to be banned.
6) Please do not go to maker's personal journals to ask them about blinkies or whatnot. Please do not email or contact the makers in any manner to ask about blinkies.
7) You may not change your requests unless a mod as asked you to do so do to a maker being closed.
8) If your blinkie has not been made after a week and pick ups by that maker have been posted you may comment to the pick up post with a link to your request. We do miss things sometimes.
9) Please EDIT both TAGS and the actual REQUEST POST when your request has been filled. If all of your requests have been filled, DELETE your post.